CIVS offer employees three channels for lodging their enterprise agreement vote – online, SMS and phone (or any combination of these three). I recently published information and statistics regarding the popularity and simplicity of SMS voting.

Jim Horning, a highly respected computer Scientist and International Research Fellow, is quoted as saying “Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be” and I often speak to Human Resource professionals responsible for agreement votes who would agree with Jim.

While the efficiency and simplicity of SMS and online voting is making this form of electronic voting standard practice in many workplaces we are often faced with the problem of a small number of employees who don’t own a mobile phone and don’t have a computer. In our experience, this type of employee can divert to focus of agreement meeting and briefing away from your businesses priorities.

Thankfully, in our experience the number of employees without a mobile or internet access is very low (less than 1%). Ensuring these employees can vote is easily addressed by CIVS by engaging phone voting.

Phone voting does require distribution of voter security and given the employee does not have a mobile to receive a SMS or internet access and email is not practical. This information can be distributed with a printed posted letter. Alternatively, the employee(s) can contact the CIVS Voter Support Line, identify themselves and they will then be provided their voter security.

Many employers also assist this type of employee by making a phone available in the workplace and allowing a short 15-minute extension to one of their breaks during the voting period.

If you would like to discuss phone voting in greater detail or have an enterprise agreement vote approaching, please contact CIVS via